blog RefineArt: voetbal, Gagosian en het museum

Tweeëntwintig spelers, twee keepers en een bal. Langs de kant staan de reservespelers te wachten tot het moment dat ze in actie mogen komen. Het publiek in het stadion kijkt vol spanning toe wat er op het veld gebeurt. Thuis op de bank wordt de wedstrijd door nog meer ogen gevolgd. Op het avondjournaal een verslag, de volgende dag in de krant een artikel.

Wat dit met kunst te maken heeft? Op het eerste gezicht misschien niet veel. Toch is er een interessante parallel te trekken tussen de kunstwereld en jawel, de voetbalwereld. En dan doel ik niet op kunstgras.

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An new way of looking at office furniture: Urban Explorers

Why are office chairs so boring? Actually, they are most of the time quite ugly. They look like their main purpose is to support the one who is sitting in them, without having extra aesthetic qualities. The fun of creating interesting chair, seems to be lost in the desk chair. They are all the same, with out any character. Yes I generalize this hugely, but you get the message: I don’t like desk chairs.

A employe spends most of his time in his desk chair. Nevertheless, this chair is often not very special. A typical office chairs has a black frame with an upholstery in a solid (mostly dark) color. Not patterns and no light colors. Every employe has the same chair. Boring. Employees are far from the same. Every individual has his own personality and character. So why can’t their chairs have character too?

Urban Explorers is a collection for the revitalization of used Office chairs. This collection seeks to express the personality of the employees by creating four different chairs. By picking one of the four, the new user identifies himself with that specific character from the collection. This character is the guidance for the material- and color palette. The Office Chair transforms of an object without personality, to a chair with a personal relation to the user. A revolution in office furniture.

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